A recent poll conducted by The New York Times has delivered remarkable developments for former President Donald Trump, whose prominence has skyrocketed in the wake of a deluge of criminal indictments and other legal proceedings that occurred shortly before the election cycle.

The former president is ahead in five swing states and is on track to earn more than 300 electoral votes, which would grant him the opportunity to return to the White House, according to the most recent poll.

According to a swing state poll conducted by Siena College and the New York Times, the former president led in a number of states that Joe Biden carried in 2020. At present, Trump holds a lead over his opponent in Biden-held states of Michigan, Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona, all of which were decided in the prior presidential election.

Only Wisconsin among the six battleground states surveyed is where Biden leads Trump.

Biden trails Trump in Pennsylvania, a state the president has long considered a second home, by four percentage points following his narrow victory in the Keystone State in 2020. The former president leads by five points in Arizona and Michigan, and by six points in Georgia, according to the poll.

Significantly, a 10-percentage-point lead for the former president in Nevada, a state that has not supported a Republican presidential candidate since George W. Bush in 2004, was discovered.

The NYT/Siena poll also provided the following key takeaways:

  • Biden is four points behind Trump in Wisconsin, but trailing by five in Arizona, six in Georgia, five in Michigan, and ten in Nevada
  • 71% responded that Biden was “too old,” with 54% of Biden’s supporters agreeing
  • A mere 39 percent of those respondents shared the same sentiment regarding Trump, who, at the time of his inauguration, would become the oldest president in history and has refrained from disclosing any information regarding his health
  • Voters in swing states are 22 percentage points more likely to trust Trump than Biden regarding the economy, or 59 to 37 percent
  • In contrast to 2020, Trump and Biden are virtually tied among voters under 30

It will be fascinating to see if Joe Biden even makes it to the 2024 election ballot or if the Democrats will finally yield and agree that he needs to drop out or be removed during an impeachment trial.

At the end of the day, the Democrats want to win by any means possible. Even if that means jettisoning a president who is tanking their 2024 election chances, provided that a free and fair election takes place.


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