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Trump Unloads on ‘Dumb SOB’ McConnell & His GOP Enemies at Closed-Press RNC Dinner

    Donald Trump unleashed on political enemies and betrayers at a dinner to Republican National Committee members at his Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach on Saturday night. The event was closed to the press, thus, video of the former president’s speech was not immediately forthcoming. However, we know from widespread reporting from credible sources what was said at the speech. Let’s just say there was a reason it was closed to the press.

    Trump hammered ‘RINOs’ who refused to object to the 2020 election results; but he displayed special disdain for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. He called him a ‘dumb SOB’ with no abbreviated language (the ‘B’ being a naughty word rhyming with Mitch).

    “If that were Schumer instead of this dumb son of a bitch Mitch McConnell they would never allow it to happen. They would have fought it,” Trump ranted.

    It’s true, despite the protestations of The Washington Post and its ilk, which reported on the event. The Democratic Party objected to completely legitimate elections held in 2000, 2004, and 2016.

    Trump wasn’t done, however. He also hurled animus and invective at Mitch McConnell’s wife — former Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao.

    “I hired his wife. Did he ever say thank you?” Trump asked rhetorically. Chao resigned in protest after the Capitol riots on January 6th.

    “She suffered so greatly,” he said, mocking her resignation. He also called her husband a “stone cold loser.”

    The former president railed against Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, while pressing his case that he had won elections in swing states, such as Georgia and Pennsylvania.

    “Bullshit,” he said of the election, drawing applause upon asking the room if they thought the election was ‘stolen.’

    “I wish that Mike Pence had the courage to send it back to the legislatures … I like him so much. I was so disappointed,” Trump also said.

    He even got in jabs at Dr. Anthony Fauci during the estimated hour-long, impromptu speech.

    “Trump attacked many of his favorite targets, such as Anthony S. Fauci, the country’s leading epidemiologist, even mocking Fauci for his first pitch last season at Nationals Park — a frequent Trump taunt,” the Washington Post moaned. “He falsely claimed that Fauci only received credit because he opposed Trump, an attendee said, and joked that Fauci wanted people to wear five masks after not initially supporting masks.”

    “Have you ever seen anybody that is so full of crap?” he said of Fauci.

    The left-wing press that was drawn to the event feigned outrage that they couldn’t believe what they heard he had said:

    This isn’t the first time that Trump has savaged McConnell, calling him a “dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack” in a February statement. Nonetheless, McConnell has said he will “absolutely” back Trump if he is the 2024 nominee.


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