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Tucker Carlson Thanks 20 GOP Rebels for Big Favor They Did America Denying McCarthy in His Bid for Speaker

    Tucker Carlson may have provided a great “silver lining” in the chaos over Kevin McCarthy failing to obtain Speaker after eight House votes. Watch:

    “Everybody just keeps getting rewarded for producing the same disasters,” he said. “Think about that. If you raised your kids like that, they’d be in prison. So maybe the main thing that’s making people mad is that.”

    “Republican voters see the same people in charge, producing the same mediocre results, paying a lot more attention to lobbyists than to them,” he continued. “That’s not democracy, actually. It’s the opposite of democracy. And watching this drives them insane.”

    “It’s a fair bet that most people don’t hate Kevin McCarthy as a man,” he went on. “He’s no Mitch McConnell. Pretty nice guy actually. But most normal people do hate the system that keeps promoting Kevin McCarthy for turning in a subpar performance.”

    “So say what you will about the effort to prevent McCarthy from becoming speaker,” he added. “The terrorism, as we’re calling it in Washington — terrorism!”

    “That effort has one upside,” he said. “That effort has challenged the current system in a meaningful way. Kevin McCarthy may in the end become Speaker of the house. He likely will, ’cause no one seems man enough to challenge him directly. So he’ll get it by default and he’s trying really hard. So maybe he does deserve it.”

    “But here’s the critical thing to know,” Tucker continued. “If he does become Speaker, by the time he becomes Speaker, Kevin McCarthy will have learned a lot. Kevin McCarthy will have publicly acknowledged his failures. He will have been forced to face the people he has disappointed both within the Congress and outside of it. And he will have promised to change.”

    “So here … we will have suffering, accountability, and repentance,” he added. “Those are not bad things. No. Those are the best things. Those are the wrenching life experiences that turn the mediocre into decent people. And Kevin McCarthy never would’ve done any of that unless he was forced to. None of us will ever do any of that unless we’re forced to. So 20 of Kevin McCarthy’s colleagues have forced him to become better and the rest of us ought to be very grateful to them for doing it because no one else was going to.”

    So, Tucker Carlson has found a silver lining amidst all the chaos. Indeed, we should be grateful for the 20 GOP rebels for sending the message to the Republican Party: The status quo is no longer acceptable.


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