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Tucker Rips Texas Democrats for ‘Insurrection’ and Teaches Biden a Lesson about the ‘Civil War’

    Tucker Carlson ripped Joe Biden’s “overheated” comparison of basic election integrity laws to the “Civil War,” the bloodiest episode in American history that left hundreds of thousands dead. Biden claimed that such a historical comparison was not “hyperbole.” Allow Tucker to retort. Watch:

    “The Civil War?” Tucker asked incredulously. “Sound overheated to you? Joe Biden would like you to know this is not hyperbole. Voter I.D. laws are literally like the Civil War.”

    “That is habeas corpus suspended, state legislatures shut down, hundreds of thousands of Americans dead in fields,” he went on. “That was the Civil War. Biden made it clear that’s what he meant. He said it twice.”

    “When was the last time a sitting American president gave a speech like this? Well, probably not since the 1860s during the actual Civil War,” he noted. “So it’s hard to know how to process it.”

    “Even allowing for the dementia, it was a stunningly irresponsible thing for an American leader to say out loud, dangerous even,” he continued. “So on what grounds did Joe Biden say it, what drove him to it?”

    “Well, here’s the Fort Sumter Biden was referring to,” he went on. “Yesterday, 51 Democrats in the state legislature in Texas left Texas and flew to Washington, D.C., on private jets.”

    “They did this in order to deny the Texas legislature a quorum and then they shut it down, they shut down the democratic process in their state,” he continued. “By leaving Texas, they, in other words, violated their sworn duty to represent their voters and they committed what amounted to an act of, yes, insurrection.”

    “Why?” he asked. “So that Texas lawmakers couldn’t pass laws against voter fraud. Laws, by the way, that voters in Texas have said overwhelmingly they want passed. That’s democracy, but they are not getting it.”

    “The measures that Texas voters would like to see become law include a bill that requires some form of identification, a driver’s licence or social security card, something valid and real for voters who submit mail-in ballots,” he said. “Another bill would require the Texas secretary of state to review voter rolls for non-citizens and remove people who are not allowed to vote.”

    “So nothing in the bill is radical or without extensive precedent,” Tucker went on. “If you oppose voter fraud, in fact, it’s all very obvious and not controversial at all. And that’s why it’s so popular with voters in Texas.”

    “But Democrats in the state don’t oppose voter fraud, nor critically do they believe in multiparty politics, so they stopped the entire process cold,” he added.

    “Now, preventing lawmakers from making laws, shutting down the vote, would not seem like a defense of democracy,” he continued. “In fact, it would appear to be just the opposite. It would appear to be an assault on the very core of democracy, which is the legislature, the people’s house.”

    “Even diabolical Vladimir Putin never attempted to do that,” he added. “But according to Joe Biden, this time, it’s necessary. Sometimes you’ve got to end democracy in order to save democracy. That is, if you’re not a racist.”

    “Requiring people to prove their identity when they cast the vote, said the president, is ‘An unrelenting 21st century Jim Crow assault.’ Really?” he asked. “How so? Biden never explained, but he didn’t need to. His bootlickers on cable television jumped in to do the talking for him.”

    On Monday, the Texas Senate passed the election reform bill, while Texas House members await arrest upon their return from fleeing the state. The standoff could last weeks until the end of the legislative session on August 7.

    This is how the Democratic Party ‘fights’ when it is in the minority: Texas Democrats pull an illegal “filibuster” to avoid voting, while petitioning Senate Democrats in Congress to end the actual filibuster in order to usurp the right of states to decide their own election laws.

    This is as undemocratic as it gets. And for the president to make comparisons to the “Civil War” regarding basic election reform laws that would enforce measures commonplace before the 2016 election is simply nefarious. Only a malevolent party seeking to stir up an actual ‘insurrection’ would make such a baseless, hyperbolic claim.


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