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A Horrific Turn of Events for American Military Service Dogs That Biden Abandoned to Die in Afghanistan

Update: The latest news on the military service dogs’ situation is below.

President Biden is being widely condemned for leaving at least 86 Americans stranded in Afghanistan while Taliban fighters take over the government and ISIS fighters comb the land for U.S. citizens.

But in addition to the billions in military equipment and the precious lives of American civilians left behind in the war-torn hellhole, the president has struck a nerve by offending dog-lovers around the nation. He left even the military service dogs behind.

The heartrending turn-of-events first surfaced on Monday afternoon, as the deadline for withdrawing from Afghanistan eclipsed on Aug. 31 local time without the president fulfilling his pledge to get all Americans out or stay in country until that commitment was honored.

The military withdrawal was so poorly planned, and so hastily done, that military dogs still left in their cages behind closed gates were abandoned to die amidst the Taliban takeover.

The disturbing images were shared on social media, accompanied by widespread condemnation for the heartless act.

An animal rights group released a statement on Monday blasting the Biden administration for the faithful canines’ “death sentence,” as was reported by The Daily Caller.

“These brave dogs do the same dangerous, lifesaving work as our military working dogs, and deserved a far better fate than the one to which they have been condemned,” the statement issued by American Humane read.

“The American government is pulling out of Kabul and leaving behind brave U.S. military contract working dogs to be tortured and killed at the hand of our enemies,” American Humane said. “We stand ready to bring them home!”

In an update on Tuesday morning, SPCA International now says the rescued dogs in Kabul were released “into the airport” and are now running loose.

SPCA International said the following in a lengthy post:

Here is what we know: In the end, the dogs and their caretakers were explicitly NOT allowed to board military aircraft, and numerous private charter aircraft were not granted access to the airport either. Charlotte was informed that most of the KSAR dogs had to be released into the airport on August 30 as the airport was evacuated – turning once rescued shelter dogs into homeless strays. They were not given access to the flight we had secured to transport them out of the country. They are within the airport in an area used for housing employees at the far end of the flight line. We haven’t been able to confirm the number of dogs released, nor can we confirm whether the U.S. Military evacuated the 46 working dogs that had been under KSAR’s care when they left. We are urgently pressing for more details, and while this is more difficult now that the U.S. military has completely evacuated Kabul, we refuse to give up.

The dogs are now either condemned to be shot or forced into a miserable existence at the hands of the barbaric Taliban. SPCA International and other humane groups are still seeking to rescue them, but the prospects are dire.

As reported at Becker News earlier, the State Department has been issuing back-channel orders for private extraction and humanitarian aid flights to be shut down. The State Department’s order has been confirmed by further reporting on Tuesday, even as 86 Americans are desperately seeking a way out of the country.


State Dept. Order ‘Blocks’ Private Flights for Americans Conducting Unauthorized Rescue Missions to Afghanistan: Report

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