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‘This is Very, Very Bad’: CNN Stuns Viewers with Devastating Hunter Biden Laptop Report

    CNN is 532 days late to taking the Hunter Biden laptop investigation seriously. But what it finally had to say about it stunned viewers on Wednesday. Watch:

    “You’re reporting here because this is very, very bad for the president’s son,” CNN host Brianna Keilar said.

    “It’s an investigation, as you pointed out, going back to 2018,” CNN’s Senior Justice Correspondent Evan Perez said. “And right now, prosecutors in Delaware are focusing on a number of things, including whether Hunter Biden and, and some of his business associates violated laws, including tax money, laundering, laws, and foreign lobbying laws.”

    “A lot of this has to do with Hunter Biden’s time working with this company called Burisma, an energy company in Ukraine,” Perez continued. “He was getting paid as much as $50,000 a month for that company during a time that Joe Biden, his father was vice president, was in charge of handling Ukraine issues for the Obama administration. And that of course raised questions of, of a conflict.”

    “And so what we know is this investigation, you know, for a while, it has been going on and it seemed to not, not a lot was going on recently,” he added. “A lot of activity has picked up. We know witnesses have gone in to talk to the grand jury in Delaware. We know of witnesses who are going in to talk to investigators in the next few weeks.”

    “So we know that there’s a lot of activity now picking up,” he said. “He’s not been charged. He says that, Hunter Biden says that he committed no wrongdoing. And that he says at the end of this, he believes he’ll be cleared.”

    “But obviously, as you pointed out, this is a political mess for the sitting president to have his son being investigated by the Justice Department, his own Justice Department,” he concluded.

    Senior Legal Analyst Elie Honig added that this is a “very real, very substantial investigation of potentially serious federal crimes.”

    This must have had CNN’s few remaining viewers checking to see if they had tuned into the right channel.

    CNN, begrudgingly, and nearly an entire election cycle late, admitted that the Hunter Biden laptop must be real.

    “There are a lot of issues that the Justice Department are looking into, including, of course, this laptop – on the right-wing – has featured a lot of stories about Hunter Biden,” CNN’s Evan Perez said. “We know the FBI has possession of it and that they believe it is his laptop.”

    On Tuesday, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz entered the Hunter Biden laptop’s contents into the congressional record during a House Judiciary Committee hearing.

    The Washington Post has also finally gotten around to doing critical reporting on the Biden family international corruption scandal. The upshot is that President Biden might have to start sweating, because the Democrat ally is starting to turn on his presidency.

    “While many aspects of Hunter Biden’s financial arrangement with CEFC China Energy have been previously reported and were included in a Republican-led Senate report from 2020, a Washington Post review confirmed many of the key details and found additional documents showing Biden family interactions with Chinese executives,” WaPo reported.

    “Over the course of 14 months, the Chinese energy conglomerate and its executives paid $4.8 million to entities controlled by Hunter Biden and his uncle, according to government records, court documents and newly disclosed bank statements, as well as emails contained on a copy of a laptop hard drive that purportedly once belonged to Hunter Biden,” the report added.

    But the Washington Post was careful to note that it did not find hard evidence of President Biden personally and directly benefiting from Hunter Biden’s deals. The report, however, suggests it indirectly benefited him because it enriched the Biden family.

    “The Post did not find evidence that Joe Biden personally benefited from or knew details about the transactions with CEFC, which took place after he had left the vice presidency and before he announced his intentions to run for the White House in 2020,” the Post said.

    “But the new documents — which include a signed copy of a $1 million legal retainer, emails related to the wire transfers, and $3.8 million in consulting fees that are confirmed in new bank records and agreements signed by Hunter Biden — illustrate the ways in which his family profited from relationships built over Joe Biden’s decades in public service,” the report added.

    Despite the broadcast news networks’ blackout of Hunter Biden coverage, the evidence has become compelling that Hunter Biden, and by extension, the entire Biden family, is involved in a vast network of corrupt business deals that compromised the administration with foreign governments.

    President Biden is undoubtedly becoming a huge liability for the Democratic Party, and by extension, has become an ineffective mouthpiece for the deep state. Their media arms are beginning to turn on Joe Biden, signaling that the beginning of the end for his presidency is afoot.


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