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Watch Aaron Rodgers and Bill Maher Shred Covid Experts’ Lies: ‘The Frightening Thing Was Never the Disease Itself’

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers joined liberal talk show host Bill Maher on his “Club Random” podcast this week. The unlikely duo made a number of extensive comments on the numerous Covid lies told to Americans, in between puffs on tobacco products in their loungewear, as featured in the video below.

“To me, the frightening thing was never the disease itself,” Maher said. “The frightening thing was how much you could, you could get people so quickly to change their way of life, stay home, wear mask, you know…”

“It was altruistic at first,” Rodgers claimed. “It’s like, alright. Yeah, take two weeks to flatten the curve.”

“Right,” Maher agreed.

“And then just about, well, every conspiracy theory came true — vaccine mandates, vaccine passports…”

“Right,” Maher concurred.

“And it turned into, like, away from doing your job to stop the spread to like lockdowns,” Rodgers went on. “And that’s my whole problem. You know, I grew up in a small town, very little cases up in Chico, California, but all the small businesses fucking gone. I mean our favorite restaurants in LA and New York and across the country, not just in big cities look, some crazy percentage will never open again. Why?”

“Absolutely,” Maher said.

“And then what are we doing for them? What are we doing for the small businesses? There was some PPE loans and, and stuff that people could file for…”

“Well, we did, we passed out $6 trillion,” Maher said. “And the sad fact about that is that a very big, big, big chunk of it was just flat out stolen.”

“Yeah,” Rodgers said.

“I mean, we spent more to keep people hiding under the bed than we did for World War II,” Maher added. “World War II, cost 4 trillion, and we passed out almost 6 trillion for this. I mean — wow. Talk about a country that’s gone a little soft.”

It’s really a sign of the times when you can get together a liberal host and an NFL quarterback for a casual conversation and get to hear things that is in millions of people’s heads, but the mainstream media now refuses to air it.

No wonder the establishment media is afraid of podcasters and independent media. That is why the new counter-culture is only going to grow and become more influential.


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