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WATCH: Antifa Smashes Vehicles, Targets Anyone with American Flag in Oregon’s Capitol

Despite the media’s fixation on right-wing extremists, there are currently radical activists roaming the streets of Oregon’s capitol of Salem, destroying vehicles and targeting anyone with an American flag.

Antifa smash up more vehicles at the riot at the Oregon state Capitol.,” Andy Ngo tweeted. “They’re targeting any vehicle that displays a US flag.”

This followed upon earlier reports of the same criminal phenomenon.

“Antifa smash up a man’s truck at the Oregon state Capitol in Salem,” Ngo tweeted. “He pulls out a gun and is arrested by responding police.”

“Another angle of the man who was arrested. #Antifa had vandalized his truck, surrounded him and pepper-sprayed him,” Ngo tweeted.

“F*** you, Proud Boy,” one of the miscreants yelled after pepper-spraying the man.

Antifa attacked other people on Sunday.

The Salem police earlier responded to the terrorist threat.

There were other attacks on vehicles.

There is one thing that can be sure about Antifa’s attacks. If this were a “far-right” or “white supremacist” group, it would have been labeled a terrorist organization and this violence would have been stopped a long time ago.


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