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WATCH: As Biden Steps Off Air Force One, He Comes Under Attack by One of Nature’s Fiercest Pests

Biden stepped off Air Force One on Wednesday en route to a major series of meetings with world leaders ahead of the G7 summit.

Joe Biden appeared oblivious as his military entourage came under air assault from a huge cicada that pestered the president repeatedly. Watch:

The president swatted away the huge bug, which you can see zipping by the video camera. Biden himself appeared to get hit on the neck by the bug, and held his neck a number of times on the tarmac.

“Watch out for the cicadas. It got me. I got one,” Biden later said to reporters.

The military entourage showed off their finely tuned reflexes dodging the pesky insect, whose brethren have returned with a vengeance this summer.

As an aside, Biden broke about twelve COVID protocols after departing Air Force One. He took off his mask before violating social distancing guidelines and engaged in hand-shaking with the military officers. Not that it should matter, because he’s long been vaccinated.

Biden’s trip is part of a whirlwind European tour that will see him meet with Queen Elizabeth, as well as Russian president Vladimir Putin, among other world leaders.  Reuters reported on the basic itinerary of President Biden’s trip.

“His summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin on June 16 in Geneva is the capstone of the trip, an opportunity to raise U.S. concerns directly with Putin about ransomware attacks emanating from Russia, Moscow’s aggression against Ukraine and a host of other issues,” Reuters reported.

“Biden will make his first stop at the seaside village of St. Ives in Cornwall where he will participate in the G7 summit. The meeting is expected to be dominated by vaccine diplomacy, trade, climate and an initiative for rebuilding infrastructure in the developing world,” the report continued. “U.S. officials see that effort as a way to counter China’s growing influence.”

Biden also announced a “vaccine plan for the world.”

“U.S. President Joe Biden said on Wednesday he will be announcing a vaccine plan for the world as he headed to Europe for his first foreign trip as president,” Reuters also reported.

“I have one, and I’ll be announcing it,” Biden told reporters before boarding Air Force One.


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