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Watch: Biden Calls for More Vaccine Mandates After FDA’s Authorization — Then Does It Again

President Joe Biden addressed the nation on Monday after the FDA gave full use authorization to the Pfizer vaccine.

“Today, we’ve hit another milestone, key milestone, in our nation’s fight against Covid,” Biden said. “The Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, announced that it has fully concluded its thorough independent scientific review.”

“After a strict process, the FDA has reaffirmed its findings that the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective and the FDA has given its full and final approval,” Biden went on.

“So, let me say this loudly and clearly: If you are one of the millions of Americans who said that they will not get the shot, until it has full and final approval of the FDA, it has now happened,” he added.

“The moment you have been waiting for is here,” he said. “It’s time for you to go get your vaccination. Get it today. Today.”

The president also discussed the reports of vaccinated people getting Covid.

“Let me be clear, there are cases where vaccinated people do get Covid-19,” Biden also said. “But they are far less common than unvaccinated people getting Covid-19. And most importantly, their conditions are far less severe.”

Then he discussed the current situation for young people under age 16.

“I know that parents are concerned Covid-19 cases among their children,” Biden said. “Cases among children are still rare. And severe cases among children are very, very rare.”

“But I know that parents are thinking about their own kids,” he continued. “It’s not as reassuring as anyone would like it to be.

“So, let me say this to the parents,” he said. “You have the tools. You have the tools to keep your child safer. And two of those tools, above all, are available to you. One, make sure that everyone around your child who can be vaccinated is vaccinated. Parents, adults, teens.”

“Two, make sure your child is masked when they leave home,” he continued. “That’s how we can best keep our kids safe.”

There is very little evidence that masks work to protect individuals from contracting Covid-19, and the mortality rates among healthy children are statistically negligible.

“As I’ve said before, the pandemic of the unvaccinated is a tragedy that is preventable,” he said. “People are dying, and will die, who don’t have to.”

“So, please, please, if you haven’t gotten your vaccination, if you haven’t gotten vaccinated, do it now,” he implored. “It could save your life and the lives of those you love.”

Even though many of the claims the president makes about vaccines helping to prevent the at-risk from developing severe Covid symptoms, the CDC has admitted that the vaccines do not prevent the spread of the virus.

“For the past several weeks, my administration has imposed new vaccine requirments on federal workers, the armed forces, people who work in federal medical facilities, and nursing home workers.”

“Governors, mayors, and private sector leaders have done the same,” he went on.

President Biden also called on private sector companies to step up their Covid mandates, now that the FDA has approved the Pfizer vaccine.

“Today, I’m calling on more companies in the private sector to step up the vaccine requirements that will reach millions,” he said. “If you’re one of the millions of Americans who said that they will not get the shot until it has full and final approval of the FDA, it has now happened. The moment you’ve been waiting for is here.”

President Biden, once again then left the press conference without taking questions as reporters shouted to get his attention.


Joe Biden Gives Quick Reaction to the FDA’s Full Authorization of Covid Vaccines

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