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Watch: House Republicans Stage Maskless Rebellion Inside the Capitol Building

    The Democratic Party might call it an “insurrection” and the “worst attack on democracy” since the Civil War, but House Republicans are fed up with Speaker Pelosi’s capricious and unscientific ‘mask mandates.’

    The House Republicans took to the Senate chamber to show their maskless faces and mock the Speaker over her restored mask decree. Watch:

    On Thursday, in accordance with a statement from the Capitol physician Brian Monaha, Nancy Pelosi announced she was bringing the mask mandate back to the House. But House Republicans are standing up to the baseless, unscientific order.

    “Many House Republicans refused to wear masks on the House floor during a series of morning votes, before they called for the chamber to adjourn as GOP members rebuffed attempts by staff to get them to put on a mask,” the Washington Post reported earlier.

    “This is some serious nanny-state stuff that will only breed resentment. No kidding,” Rep. Chip Roy said on the floor. “This institution is a sham. We should adjourn and shut the place down.”

    One of the most outspoken representatives against the return of Pelosi’s mask rule was Rep. Lauren Boebert.

    “We might as well start calling this a Perma-demic,” she tweeted. “Permanent masking. Permanent state of emergency. Permanent control. This will go on until the American people just say enough is enough. The tyrants aren’t giving this up!”

    On the same day as Pelosi issued her mask decree, the President of the United States was shaking hands and hugging strangers in room full of maskless people, including himself.

    The “science,” indeed, may be a little suspect.

    When asked on Thursday about criticism of the mask mandate from Republicans like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a maskless Nancy Pelosi had a sharp response.

    “I have nothing to say about that, except beyond…” she said and held up her mask, which she was not wearing during the interview.

    “It’s against the science,” the reporter said to her as she got inside the vehicle, noting McCarthy’s criticism.

    “He’s such a moron,” Pelosi remarked.

    GOP Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene, Thomas Massie and Ralph Norman have announced they are suing Pelosi in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia after they were each fined $500 for not wearing masks on the House floor. The Republican lawmakers are arguing in court that Speaker Pelosi’s rule is unconstitutional and they are seeking the dismissal of the fines.

    The fines were imposed despite Speaker Pelosi going without a mask in government buildings outside of the House, such as at a White House function she attended with other prominent Democrats in May.

    The Republicans had sought to change the House rules to follow the CDC guidance, but House Democrats blocked the resolution. The resolution was introduced by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other Republicans.

    Pelosi’s most famous act of COVID regulation hypocrisy came in September 2020, when she was caught without a mask at a salon that had been ‘locked down’ in San Francisco.

    Speaker Pelosi has thus not “followed the science,” if one could even call it that, on numerous occasions herself.


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