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Watch: Jen Psaki is Clearly Pissed That Reporter Asked Her About Hunter Biden Story

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki doesn’t have time to ask reporters’ trifling questions about Biden family corruption. She sent this message loud-and-clear on Monday with her response to a reporter who asked her about he-who-shall-not-be-named. (Hunter Biden.)

“Go ahead,” she said.

“Thanks, Jen. The Biden administration today put out a big report addressing corruption. I wanted to ask you two quick and hopefully pretty easy questions about that,” the reporter began.

“Shortly after President Biden’s virtual meeting with the Chinese president, the First Son’s attorney said that he has finally divested from a Chinese investment fund controlled by state-owned entities,” the reporter continued. “I was hoping you could commit to basic transparency about that transaction, including the name of the buyer, the dollar amount, and the timing.”

“And the second question is my colleague, Miranda Devine, has a new book out called ‘The Laptop from Hell,’ and I was hoping that you could confirm that the laptop is indeed authentic and not Russian disinformation as you seemed to suggest on Twitter last year?” the reporter continued.

“Well, on the first, the President’s son is not an employee of the federal government, so I’d point you to his representatives. And as it relates the book, I have neither had the time nor interest in exploring or reading the book. Go ahead, Tina,” Psaki said.

“The First Son’s attorney — ” the reporter tried to get in, but was interrupted.

“Go ahead, Tina. I think I answered your question. You can go to the representative of the person who’s not an employee of the federal government,” she snipped. “Go ahead, Tina. I think we have to move on.”

‘Move on.’ That’s all the American people are going to get out of the Biden White House when confronted with its endless corruption. Outside of news outlets like the New York Post and independent media, the corporate media will be sure to keep failing to keep the administration accountable.


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