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Watch: Jill Biden Has to Direct Joe Biden How to Get Off Stage

    President Joe Biden had yet another embarrassing ‘senior moment’ at the Rose Garden after a speech on Wednesday. Watch:

    “You go down this way,” Jill Biden said to her husband Joe Biden.

    Biden wandered around backstage after touting the purported gains of the “American Rescue Plan.”

    “The American Rescue Plan provided $25 billion to states to expand home- and community-based services under Medicaid — (applause) — so more people can live — who have disabilities can live independently at their home,” Biden claimed.

    “We’ve delivered vaccines, masks, tests, therapeutics directly to people in their neighborhoods,” he continued. “We’ve mobilized a whole-of-government effort to advance our understanding of long COVID and accelerate progress in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.”

    “And I continue to call on Congress to provide the resources we need to deal with COVID across the board,” he added. “We followed up with the Inflation Reduction Act, one of the most significant laws in our history — one that will lower the cost of prescription drugs, healthcare, energy, and to make sure the biggest corporations begin to pay their fair share in taxes.”

    The post-speech incident is but the latest for President Biden, who repeatedly appears to need direction to leave his speaking events.

    “President Biden appears lost on stage following remarks at the Global Fund’s Seventh Replenishment Conference,” Breaking 911 reported last week.

    In May, President Joe Biden appeared to be lost on stage as Kamala Harris delivered remarks at the White House.

    In September 2021, Biden was with his wife Jill Biden at the D.C.-area Brookland Middle School when he similarly began wandering around behind the speaker.

    Jill Biden abruptly looked back at Joe and then gave an awkward hand raise, as if to halt him from wandering around.

    Biden’s wandering ways is an apt metaphor for a nation that is adrift amidst numerous crises. For a nation that needs strong leadership, Biden’s optics of confusion couldn’t come at a worse time.


    Watch: Joe Biden Appears Lost on Stage as Kamala Harris Delivers Remarks at the White House

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