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Watch: Joe Biden Caught *Sleeping* During High-Level Talks with Foreign Head of Government

    Joe Biden is asleep. Literally. If there was any doubt, he has laid it to rest, as he quite obviously tried to sneak in a nap while meeting with Israel’s new prime minister Naftali Bennett.

    The moment when Biden could noty resist nodding off during the high stakes meeting was captured on video. Watch:

    The Israeli Prime Minister Naftali looked directly at the U.S. President as if in disbelief while continuing to talk. This is hardly desirable optics for a Commander-in-Chief who looks like he would be more comfortable in a nursing home than in a war room.

    America’s allies are now beginning to talk openly about a weak U.S. president that is letting down its partners and commitments around the world.

    The Sunday Times reported last week that the British have held President Biden in contempt over his indefensible actions in Afghanistan.

    “In London ministers and their advisers watched with incredulity,” the Sunday Times reported. “One minister said the president ‘looked gaga’. An aide described the press conference as ‘completely mad’ and the president as ‘doolally’. Such thoughts are normally never whispered in Whitehall, let alone briefed.”

    Last week, the Daily Mail reported that Great Britain had to deploy 300 special forces troops and other personnel to Afghanistan in order to rescue 6,000 British nationals and Afghan allies that were left in harm’s way after Biden’s disastrous decision.

    Meanwhile, President Biden has turned his back on his country, leaving multiple press conferences without answering questions from the U.S. press. He has also agree to an Aug. 31 deadline that will certainly strand thousands of Americans in dire conditions.

    If there is any time when a U.S. President doesn’t need to be asleep at the wheel, now is the one. Unfortunately for us all, he is now steering the ship of state into dangerous uncharted waters.


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