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WATCH: Joe Biden Leans Into Mic and with Bizarre Whisper Answers ‘Legitimate’ Question from Reporter

Joe Biden’s antics do not exactly reassure. At a White House press conference on Thursday, he demonstrated once again why over 80 million people ‘reportedly’ voted for him last election. Probably.

“Let me take — three essay questions. Legitimate questions. Three of them. The first one related to what again?” he asked.

“The first one is on the timeline,” one reported chimed in.

“Timeline,” Biden repeated. “You said the people are waiting for relief.”

“Yes,” he responded.

Biden leaned over and with a bizarre whisper gave the reporters an answer they were not counting on.

“I got them $1.9 trillion relief so far,” he said as the room fell into an uncomfortable hush. “They’re going to be getting checks in the mail that are consequential this week for child care. A lot has been happened already.”

“Number one,” he continued, presumably while everyone wondered what the hell was going on. “Number two, I will fight like heck to get them the rest of what I think has to be done.”

“On education, for example,” he kept on without missing a beat. “My proposal was in the family plan, early education and free community college. I am going to fight like the devil to get that done but it is not with Republican help. I will have to get every Democrat and do it through reconciliation if it gets done.”

“So, that’s number one,” he said, apparently forgetting that he had already mentioned ‘number one.’

“I think based on my being out on the street and polling data I think the people who need the help the most trust me to be fighting do get them the help they need,” he continued. “They know who I am and my record.”

“With regard to the issue of — what about voting rights? Voting rights is maybe the most consequential thing…” he said and trailed off. “I think what I’m going to be going around the country spending time making the case to the American people that this is just about showing an identification that this is who I am when I vote. This isn’t just about whether or not — excuse me — you can provide water for someone standing in line while they wait to vote.”

“This is about who gets to judge whether your vote counted after it’s been cast,” he claimed. “Think about it. Up to now every state and the federal government assumed that there would be officials appointed and or elected in states where there are election commissioners are bound by an oath to uphold certain requirements to make sure the vote is honest and fair.”

“These guys are trying to do now in rough approximation is say we control the state legislature and say the vote didn’t count and we are going to recount,” he carried on. “That’s never happened before. It’s wrong. Who in god’s name, as my mother would say ,died and left them boss? The vote has to count when you cast it.”

Biden, of course, is lying through his teeth. It is not even worth repeating his brazen lies, but they can be heard in the video posted above. It will be nothing short of miraculous if the mainstream press holds him accountable for this fear-mongering nonsense.


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