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Mayor of Ottawa Calls Towing Companies to Remove Freedom Truckers — But Runs Into a Hilarious Problem (Watch)

    As the “Where’s Waldo?” prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau continued to hide out in an “undisclosed location” (or is it?) due to fear for his “safety,” truckers continued to flock to Ottawa to protest the embattled prime minister’s ridiculous draconian COVID-19 mandates.

    So, the mayor of Ottawa “bravely” stepped forward to take a stand against the truckers. Yup, Mayor Jim Watson called several towing companies and asked them to start towing trucks out of the city. Just one problem.

    According to various sources, every towing company had the same response” “We’ve got CO-VID.”

    Game, set, match. Truckers: 1, Waldo: 0. Final score.

    Now, there comes a report in the Toronto Sun that the ‘tax the unvaxxed’ harebrain scheme is out but it totally has nothing to do with the truckers.

    Check out this video for one account of the hilarity:

    Liberty of Death — with an assist from Leo DeCaprio — nailed it. 

    Humor aside, when in Rome — in this case, Ottawa — do as the Romans — Ottawa towing companies — did: Fight fire with fire.

    It looks like that is exactly what one American truck driver named Brian Base intends to do with his trucker brothers in a “Freedom convoy” from California to D.C. Watch:

    “Well, let me start quick by saying that I’m actually a co-organizer of one that we are putting together for the United States to go to California, to D.C,” Base told Fox News show host Sean Hannity. “The other two guys, they can speak a lot more from that but I will stand my sign we are so very proud of them up there. I think many Americans, probably a majority of Americans are watching closely to what’s going on. Truck drivers of the United States are watching what’s going on up there. The health workers, educators, law enforcement, federal employees are watching what’s going on up there and we are actually proud of them and you know, somebody has gotten fight. Teamwork with our northern neighbors and us, we’ve got it.”

    The left is not dissimilar to the world’s tyrants — in the respect that they only respect strength. From Barack Obama’s ridiculous “World Apology Tours” after he ascended to his self-gilded throne to Joe Biden’s clueless pandering to Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, Democrats have never learned how to fight the fire of America’s enemies. They never will.


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