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WATCH: NYC’s New Mayor Brags About ‘Kicking Those Crackers’ Ass’

New York City’s new mayor is a tough-talker. Eric Adams, who posed as a “moderate” during the recent mayoral elections, has gone on to disappoint voters by maintaining the extremist policies of his failed socialist predecessor Bill de Blasio.

In a recent talk delivered on black businesses and entrepreneurship, the former NYPD captain shared his philosophy of dealing with white people, while using what many consider to be an ethnic slur.

“Every day in the police department, I kicked those crackers’ ass,” Adams boasted.

Joel Fischer reacted to the video on Twitter.

“Hey NYC, meet your Mayor,” Fischer said.

The rough, incendiary language is very much at odds with the image portrayed during his campaign as a leader that blue-collar, commonsense New Yorkers could get behind. It appears that he’s just your run-of-the-mill, race-baiting Democrat.

It’s not the first time Adams has used disparaging language during a speaking event. In early January, just after being sworn into office, he demeaned cooks, messengers, and Dunkin’ Donuts employees.

“Low skill workers like cooks, messengers and Dunkin’ Donuts employees don’t have the academic skills to sit in a corner office,” he said. “They need this. We are in this together, and we should be saying to ourselves, ‘If I remotely do my job, then that stock clerk is not going to be able to have the business he deserves.’ That’s what I need us to understand.”

Adams must not be aware that the glut of Americans with college degrees has forced many to take precisely those kinds of jobs. And New York’s horrible economic environment virtually ensures this to be the case in his city. He later gave a kind of ‘apology.’

“I was a cook. I was a dishwasher,” he said on Twitter. “If nobody came to my restaurant when I was in college, I wouldn’t have been able to survive. When you talk about closing down our city, you’re talking about putting low-wage workers out of a job. I’m not letting that happen.”

But not everybody was willing to left Adams off the hook so easily.

“Eric Adams snap turtle ass really fixed his mouth to look down on the people who make this world rotate,” music artist Scottie Beam responded. “It’s gonna be a long 4 years.”

It is indeed.


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