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Watch: Pro-Abortion Witness Refuses to Tell Congress If She Disagrees with Infanticide

    Sarah Lopez, an abortion ‘storyteller’ for the pro-abortion organization We Testify, gave stunning testimony before Congress on Wednesday.

    “I assume you agree with infanticide, the killing of a child, a perfectly healthy child at birth?” Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) asked.

    “I don’t accept the basis of that question, but I do believe abortion is health care,” Lopez replied.

    “I’m talking about, do you agree — I know, I get that, but do you agree — I mean, are you in — do you support infanticide, killing the child after he’s born?” he asked.

    “I do not agree with the basis of that question,” she responded.

    “What’s the basis?” he inquired.

    “I do believe that abortion is health care,” she repeated.

    “Okay, so I’ll take that as a yes, you do agree,” Norman concluded.

    Lopez was the “abortion storyteller” who earlier in the day claimed that killing an unborn child was an “act of self love.”

    “My abortion was the best decision I ever made,” the abortion storyteller said. “It was an act of self love.”

    “And I’m here today to make sure that everybody who currently, who has had an abortion, or will need an abortion is not alone, no matter what the state tries to force upon us,” she continued.

    Earlier, an abortion advocate argued that Rep. Josh Hawley’s questions about what constituted a woman was ‘transpobic; and could lead to violence against transgender people.

    Matt Walsh perhaps summed up the pro-abortion madness on display best.

    “These hearings on abortion are instructive,” Walsh tweeted. “The liberal witnesses have refused to condemn infanticide, refused to define the word “woman,” and claimed that men can get pregnant. We cannot share a country with these people. There can be no unity. They are lunatics and monsters.”


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