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WATCH: The 10 Trump Speech Moments That Rocked CPAC

    Donald Trump made a triumphant return to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando on Sunday. The former president teased a potential 2024 run, slammed Joe Biden, bashed Big Tech, railed against his political adversaries in the Republican party, and more. Watch  in the video above.

    Here are the top ten Trump speech moments highlighted:

    1. “We all knew that the Biden administration was going to be bad, but none of us even imagine just how bad they would be and how far left they would go… In just one short month, we have gone from America first to America last.”
    2. “Joe Biden has triggered a massive flood of illegal immigration into our country, the likes of which we have never seen before… we’re one country, we can’t afford the problems of the world, as much as we’d love to. We’d love to help, but we can’t do that.”
    3. “This alone should be reason enough for Democrats to suffer withering losses in the mid-terms and to lose the White House decisively four years from now… Who knows? I may even decide to beat them for a third time.”
    4. “We have a very sick and corrupt electoral process that must be fixed immediately.This election was rigged and the Supreme Court and other courts didn’t want to do anything about it.”
    5. “We must have voter ID.”
    6. “The time has come to break up big tech monopolies and restore fair competition… Republicans, Conservatives must open up our platforms and repeal Section 230 liability protections. And if the federal government refuses to act, then every state in the union where we have the votes, which is a lot of them, big tech giants like Twitter, Google and Facebook should be punished with major sanctions, whenever they silence conservative voices.”
    7. “The Democrats don’t have grandstanders like Mitt Romney, little Ben Sasse, Richard Burr, Bill Cassidy, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Pat Toomey. And in the House, Tom Rice, South Carolina, Adam Kinzinger, Dan Newhouse, Anthony Gonzalez, that’s another beauty. Fred Upton, Jaime Herrera Beutler, Peter Meijer, John Katko, David Valadao. And, of course, the warmonger, a person that loves seeing our troops fighting, Liz Cheney. How about that? The good news is that in her state she has been censured. And in her state, her poll numbers have dropped faster than any human being I have ever seen.”
    8. “We are in a struggle for the survival of America, as we know it… The greater the challenge, the tougher the task, the more determined we must be to pull through, to triumph. We have to have triumph. We have to have victory.”
    9. “With your help, we will take back the House. We will win the Senate. And then, a Republican president will make a triumphant return to the White House. And I wonder who that will be.”
    10. “We went through a journey like nobody else. There has never been a journey like it. There has never been a journey so successful. We began it together four years ago and it is far from being over.”


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