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‘We Have No Confidence at All in Our Election Process’: Maricopa County Board Gets Lit Up by Arizona Election Worker

    The Maricopa County Board of Supervisers hosted a public comment session on Monday and got lit up by a number of Arizona voters and election workers.

    But one Arizonan in particular, Denise Babeon from Phoenix, spoke for many when she explained how Maricopa County’s election was a complete disaster. Watch:

    “My name is Denise Babeon. I live in Phoenix. To Mr. Richer, I have to tell you that your voter rolls are a disaster. I banged on over 6,000 doors. And when you pull up the names of who’s supposed to be living at the households, there are sometimes seven or eight or nine people listed. And now one of those people, or the person I’m talking to at the front door, and that person does not know who any of these people are. That happens, I’d say at least half of the time, I knock on doors and get to talk to people. Same thing happened in 2020. I banged on over 4,000 doors that year. Same exact result.”

    “Nothing’s changed,” she went on. “This was not, this is not a crystal clear election, as you say, you thanked all of your workers, and all of the 3,000 Arizonas that gave up their time and energy to do this.”

    “Did you see the latest Rasmussen poll that came out?” she asked. “It reads Survey of Election Workers, Poll Watchers and Volunteer Attorneys reveals election chaos in Maricopa County. 84.3% of the people that took this poll say that they have zero confidence. 84% of poll workers in Maricopa have zero confidence in our election process from this year.”

    “You’re wrong,” she continued. “You don’t consult with ‘We the People,’ you think you know and you don’t. I’m addressing Mr. Richer at the moment. Also, I would like to tell you that I electioneered all throughout my district, and that was 10 different polls that I electioneered at. And every single one of those polls I had people coming out panic stricken because they were freaking out that their ballot was not accepted. They did not know if it was legitimate. They were told to throw it into the famous/infamous Box Number Three, or they were told to go and come back another time.”

    “Every poll I visited, I had no idea what to tell them because I’m outside as an electioneer. They’re coming to our tent asking us what to do. So that’s something else. And I wanna know from all of you, how do we get to address the questions that were coming up and concerns the gal before me? The concerns that we have machines breaking down. You’re gonna listen to us talk for two minutes and then you’re gonna go off. You know something. I feel that you guys forget. You represent, we the people, and, and it’s our concerns here. We have no confidence at all in our election process.”

    Despite the Maricopa County board forbidding any outbursts, the woman’s comments drew applause.

    As Liz Harrison reported, 84.3% of Maricopa County election workers, poll watchers, and volunteer attorneys expressed no confidence in the county’s election.

    In a response to a letter from the Arizona attorney general’s office demanding further information on the issue, county officials on Sunday conceded that thousands of Maricopa County residents had been impacted by the election.

    “Our response is available for the public to read in its entirety and details how Maricopa County followed state and federal laws to ensure every voter was provided the opportunity to cast a ballot,” Board of Supervisors Chair Bill Gates said in a statement.

    Gates vowed to certify Maricopa’s vote canvass by Monday’s statutory deadline. Governor’s candidate Kari Lake has filed a lawsuit against the county and is calling for a delay to the certification.


    Kari Lake Throws Down on Arizona Election by Filing a Major Lawsuit Against Maricopa County

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