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We May Finally Have an Explanation for Why NJ County ‘Flipped’ to Phil Murphy with 100% Reporting

    In the New Jersey governor’s race, a disturbing result was observed by political watchers on election night: Bergen County was seen flipping from GOP candidate Jack Ciattarelli to Dem candidate Phil Murphy after 100% of the votes were reported.

    Screenshots taken from NY Times election reporting confirm that Bergen County’s election support flipped from Ciattarelli to Murphy with 100% reported. Earlier in the night, Bergen was 55/45 Ciattarelli with 40% reported in the county.

    Jack Ciattarelli still has a 52/42 lead with 100% of the votes shown as reported. (This is an archived page where one might see this report.)

    Bergen County then flips to 52/48 Murphy with 100% reporting later in the evening.

    The phenomenon, reminiscent of some of the election night anomalies witnessed in 2020, was documented and shared by the Twitter user “We the people.” The flip came as Jack Ciattarelli had a 42,000 vote edge; at this point, the county wide projections had suggested that the GOP candidate had about a 25,000-vote cushion.

    The video that shows the results is documented further below on Rumble, where one can clearly see the changes in election reporting.

    Jonathan Falcon pointed out a similar phenomenon happened in Burlington County.

    The screenshots showed a flip from 54/45 support for Ciattarelli to 52/47 support for Murphy with 97% reported.

    Now, we may finally have an explanation for both counties. A check of the Bergen County Clerk’s website shows the results for Ciattarelli unchanged from before the ‘flip’ occurred. The NYT continues to have the ‘updated’ results, which do not match.

    Since the discrepancy shows a 41,000 vote deficit compared to the NYT reportage in Bergen County, this means that a vote dump came in after 100% was reported and those went overwhelmingly for Murphy. These may have been absentee ballots that were ‘discovered’ after all of the votes were said to be in.

    The Bergen County Clerk results discrepancy was noticed by Twitter user ‘Scuba Mike.’

    However, Burlington County still shows the latter percentage results that went for Murphy. In this case, it shows 100% of votes reported, and not merely 97%. This suggests that the NYT failed to update the votes reported when it updated the respective percentages.

    But not all the anomalies appear to have gone against Ciattarelli. There were voting machine issues reported in Ocean City that may have impacted Phil Murphy. The odd results have prompted numerous concerned citizens to call for audits.

    Phil Murphy is now reported to have taken a lead of under 1% against Ciattarelli. New Jersey voters would do well to come to the consensus that an audit of the state election is now required.


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