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We Now Know Identity of Armed Extremists Who ‘Do Not Recognize Our Laws’ — Here is Their Message to Americans

The armed standoff between Massachusetts police and a militia group that took place along I-95 since 2 a.m was brought to an end. The dangerous confrontation had been causing major travel delays as authorities sought to end the standoff.

“Police say 9 suspects in custody after Interstate 95 standoff near Boston; interstate remains partially closed,” the AP reported.

‘Between eight to 10 men were clad in military-style gear with long guns and pistols,’ Mass State Police Col. Christopher Mason earlier told the press.

The armed group had refused to put down their weapons or comply with police orders.  Spokespersons for the group purportedly announced that it ‘does not recognize our laws,’ police added.

Some of the group’s members had retreated into a wooded area, where two were arrested. But despite the reaction of some deducing these must be white supremacists or a far-right ‘extremist’ group, the evidence is pouring in that this is a premature conclusion.

The armed group is purportedly named the ‘Rise of the Moors.’ CBS reported on the group’s association with the standoff.

“The men claim to be part of a group called ‘The Rise of The Moors – The Moorish American Arms,'” CBS reported. “The group claims to be American nationals but not US citizens. They have a Moroccan flag.”

The anti-government group associates itself historically with a Muslim group from Africa that conquered European states, such as Sicily and parts of Spain. The group has an official website and an image from it is provided below.

The group is listed on the biased left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of purported ‘hate groups’ as an ‘antigovernment movement.’ SPLC claims it is based in Rhode Island.

‘The Rise of the Moors’ uploaded a video on July 3 apparently shot on I-95. The armed group’s video is re-posted below:

“We’re still here, we’re still safe,” the man said. He referred to a ‘lieutenant’ and used militaristic language.

“It is July 3rd, 2021,” he added. “We are in North America, Morocco. We are on the Interstate 95.” Two men held up a Moroccan flag.

“We assured them we are going to be peaceful,” he added. “I reassured them that we are not sovereign citizens. I reassured them that we are not black identity extremists. I reassured them that we are not anti-police. I reassured them that we are not anti-government. I reassured them that these men here will not be pointing guns at them. I reassured them that we are trying to come to a peaceful resolution. I reassured them that I am willing to give them any information that is necessary to ensure that we can come to a peaceful resolution so that way they can issue a summons to us in court so that we can handle this civilized.”

The man in the video also pointed out that the possession of a firearm is ‘not a crime,’ according to the Supreme Court. He also claimed that he has the right to ‘peaceful journey.’

The Associated Press’s “reportage” veiled the ethnic identity of the men, leading some to mistakenly believe that it must be ‘white supremacists’ or ‘far-right extremists.’

“A group of eight armed men refused to comply with police officers following a traffic stop Saturday on Interstate 95 in Massachusetts,” the AP ‘reported.’ “The standoff shut down the interstate in both directions. Two men were arrested and police are searching for the others.”

“The men refused to put down their weapons or comply with authorities’ orders,’ And they all somehow lived,” one commenter said.

“Must be white?” another asked.

That doesn’t appear to be the case.

One member of the Squad appeared to make light of the situation.

“Going into the woods for a few days. Everyone be good and Happy 4th,” Rep. Ocasio-Cortez said.

If this were ‘far-right extremists’ or ‘white supremacists,’ you can bet AOC and fellow members of the Squad wouldn’t be joking about it. It would be ‘the biggest attack on American democracy since January 6th.’


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