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White House Press Corps Refuse to Ask Jen Psaki About National Guard Garagegate

    The White House Press Corps “doesn’t pick sides.” So they will tell you, if you’re gullible enough to give them more than two minutes of your attention.

    After yesterday’s debacle, a maskless Jen Psaki wasn’t made uncomfortable in the slightest by the press corps. (She again today didn’t wear a mask on federal property, as her boss’s mandate requires.)

    The most damning thing about today’s press conference is that there wasn’t a single question asked about the burning question at the top of Americans’ minds: Who ordered the National Guard troops to stay in a parking garage?

    Even Democrats screamed loudly about ‘Garagegate’ after the act of journalism was committed and the mistreatment of the National Guard was exposed.

    Rep. Madison Cawthorne actually took action and visited the troops personally, even bringing them pizza.

    And very quietly the whole matter was resolved today, as Republican governors in Texas and Florida yanked National Guard troops and the Capitol Police ordered them to leave.

    Yet, not a single question from the White House Press Corps. Odd. That is, unless you consider that the Biden administration is starting off with one of the lowest approval ratings in recent memory — much lower than former President Trump’s.

    The sound that you heard at the wrap of the press conference wasn’t shouting and yelling for more questions, it was just this: *Crickets.*

    There were others who noticed the blatant lack of gumption among the national press to ‘press’ for answers.

    It used to be that journalists wanted to make a name for themselves for their courage to speak ‘truth to power,’ now they lay sloppy kisses on Democrats and still win Pulitzer Prizes. So, what’s the point?

    Despite the love-fest from the White House lapdog press, Jen Psaki is remarkably not good at her job. One critical questioned left her apparently baffled:

    Psaki was absolutely gobsmacked by a question yesterday from Peter Doocy about Biden violating his own federal mask mandate.

    The memo must have gotten out that such inconvenient questions from the rest of the press corps are not appreciated.

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