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World’s Largest Fresh Produce Market CATCHES FIRE — and People are Starting to Ask Questions

After years of governments around the world exploiting the Covid pandemic to invoke emergency powers, there is a new crisis brewing on the horizon: Food supply.

On Sunday, the world’s largest fresh produce market in Paris, France caught fire and burned nearly to the ground.

The warehouse blaze ignited near a massive produce market that supplies the Paris region with much of its fresh food. The market bills itself as ‘the largest of its kind in the world,’ ABC News reported.

“Firefighters urged people to stay away from the area in Paris’ southern suburbs, as 100 officers and 30 fire engines battled the blaze at the Rungis International Market,” ABC noted.

No one was injured in the blaze. But the fire tore through the 7,000 square meters (1.7 acres) warehouse, roughly the size of a soccer field, said Capt. Marc Le Moine, a spokesman for the Paris fire service.

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The cause of the blaze was unknown but will be investigated, Le Moine said.

The wholesale market employs 12,000 people and it sells fruit and vegetables, seafood, meats, and dairy products from around the world.

The Rungis International Market fire is but the latest in a long string of fires at food processing plants since the beginning of 2021.

All of these agricultural plant fires are raising concerns over a surge in food prices, which rose a reported 0.8% in August and 11.4% over the last year, the largest 12-month increase since May 1979.


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