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‘You All Threw Us Under the Bus!’: Texas Dems Lash Out at State Representatives Who Returned to Legislature

“Quorum is still not met,” Texas Rep. Gina Hinojosa tweeted. “Praying no other Democrats willingly go to Floor.”

Texas Democrats in D.C. are panicking as members of their superspreader crew are starting to crawl back with their tails between their legs. The Texas House is inching closer to quorum, and election integrity bills that would bring some semblance of normalcy to the state’s voting are closer to being passed.

“The House had as many as 95 members on hand at one point Monday afternoon,’ the Texas Tribune noted, ‘five members short of quorum but the nearest the chamber has gotten to being able to start business since most Democrats fled last month over the Republican elections bill.”

“It was the third day of the second special session, and the GOP-led House again issued a ‘call of the House,’ a procedural move to lock the doors of the chamber and prevent members from leaving without permission,” the report added.

Meanwhile, Texas Democrats were somehow able to persuade a judge to pull a bizarre intervention and issue restraining orders to protect them from being arrested and forcibly dragged to the state legislature to conduct business.

Upon learning of the ‘fantastic’ news, one of the state representatives took to gushing about it on Twitter.

“I’m home!” Rep. James Talarico tweeted. “Our quorum break shined a national spotlight on the TX voter suppression bill and pushed Congress closer to passing a federal voting rights act to override it. I’m confident they will. Now I’m back to clean up Greg Abbott’s latest messes from COVID to ERCOT.”

But not all Texas Democrats are enthused that some of their members have returned to the Lone Star State.

“[Y]ou all threw us under the bus today! Why?” Rep. Ana-Maria Ramos exclaimed in a tweet directed at state representatives ⁦James Talarico, Mary Gonzales, and Joe Moody.

“Talarico represents a competitive district in suburban Austin, where he has drawn two serious Republican challengers since leaving the state,” the Tribune noted.

A statement issued by 26 House Democrats said they would be staying behind in Washington to fight for a federal takeover of elections.


Texas Supreme Court Allows Gov. Abbott to Punish Dems Who Fled State to Avoid Voting on Election Integrity Bill

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