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YouTube Suspends One of Biden’s Biggest Critics in International Media: ‘The Fox News of Australia’ Sky News

    In a move suggesting a further escalation of politically motivated media censorship, YouTube has reportedly suspended one of U.S. President Joe Biden’s biggest critics: Sky News.

    “YouTube has reportedly temporarily banned Sky News Australia from posting,” DiscloseTV reported. “The TV network, which usually uploads dozens of videos per day, hasn’t uploaded anything for more than 2 days.”

    The news was corroborated by Australian journalist Leonardo Puglisi.

    Puglisi obtained a statement from YouTube that appears to substantiate further that SkyNews has indeed been suspended.

    “We apply our policies equally for everyone regardless of uploader, and in accordance with these policies and our long-standing strikes system, removed videos from and issued a strike to Sky News Australia’s channel,” the statement says.

    Known as the “Fox News of Australia,” the network’s commentators have frequently criticized Biden, lockdowns and vaccines. Sky News is a ‘sister network’ with Fox News due its historic affiliation with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, and thereafter the Murdoch family’s 21st Century Fox.

    The American media may be pulling their punches when it comes to going after Biden, but the Australian media outlet obviously feels no compunction against giving the current U.S. president a verbal takedown.

    Alan Jones of Sky News recently made an extended comment about Biden’s lack of mental acuity following a CNN town hall. Jones dissected the president’s embarrassing responses.

    “We are in deep trouble when the leader of the world’s democracies, America, is instructing private companies to abridge the freedom of speech and of the press to the point where big, private companies are acting as functionaries of government,” Jones said.

    The comment has taken on additional resonance as media watchers wonder if YouTube took down Sky News at the direction of the Australian government.

    The Sky News pundit flatly called Biden the ‘cognitively declining’ president before criticizing his town hall performance and the ‘free run’ he has gotten from the U.S. press.

    “His incoherence goes unchallenged,” Jones added. “CNN are mouthpieces for Biden,” he remarked. Then he began to show clips of Biden at the town hall. Watch:

    Jones proceeded to fact check Biden’s comments in a way the U.S. media would never dare to do. “Who is fact-checking the President of the United States?” he asked.

    Jones wasn’t the only Australian pundit to rip Biden’s town hall performance. Rita Panahi remarked that the president’s commments were “incoherent gibberish even by his low standards.”

    It is not the first time Alan Jones has strongly criticized Biden, either. In early July, he said Biden is a “bloke who most probably couldn’t find his way home after dark” and there was “no way US President Joe Biden would pass a test to determine his cognitive ability or memory impairment.”

    Alan Jones was also recently the subject of what effectively amounts to censorship at The Daily Telegraph.

    “News Corp’s Sydney tabloid The Daily Telegraph will stop publishing columns from controversial broadcaster Alan Jones after weeks of anti-vaccination and anti-lockdown commentary,” the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

    “The Daily Telegraph’s editor Ben English recently informed Jones his column will no longer appear in the Sydney-based publication,” the report continued. “Media industry sources briefed on the decision who spoke on the condition of anonymity said it was made because the column had failed to resonate with readers, a claim that Jones rejects.”

    “If the argument has been it’s not resonating, I don’t have to defend myself,” Jones told The Sydney Morning Herald.

    “Have a look at Sky News YouTube, Sky News Facebook and Alan Jones Facebook and you can see. The same column that I write for the Tele goes up on my Facebook page.”

    It looks like Sky News’ 3.65 million fan YouTube audience is going to have to wait to see his next appearance. That is, if YouTube doesn’t eventually ban all criticism of so-called “liberals” on its platform entirely.


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