President Joe Biden once again has gone after Elon Musk, the tech billionaire who took over the social media platform “X,” in a recent interview with Pro Publica.

“What about what Elon Musk has done to Twitter lowering guardrails against misinformation?” host John Harwood asked. “Does that contribute to it?”

“Yeah, it does,” Biden replied. “Look, one of the things, as I said to you, when I thought I wasn’t going to run, I was going to write a book about the changes taking place. And most of it’s directed over the years with these fundamental changes in society by changing technology. Gutenberg Printing and the printing press changed the way Europeans could talk to one another all the way to today.”

“Where do people get their news? They go on the internet, they go online, they go, and you have no notion whether it’s true or not,” he claimed.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk believes that the Biden administration is conducting multiple investigations into his companies due to potential animosity towards him, given his outspoken criticism of the president and the Democratic Party.

Musk shared a brief message on his social media platform, X, in response to a Wall Street Journal editorial titled “The Harassment of Elon Musk.”

The Journal’s editorial opened with the question, “Does the Biden Administration have a vendetta against Elon Musk?” Musk’s response was a straightforward, “It certainly appears that way.”

As noted in The Journal’s editorial, Musk has earned the title of “Progressive Enemy No. 1” due to his platform, X, allowing Americans to openly criticize Democrats, including President Joe Biden and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

There is substantial evidence that the U.S. government is functioning like a cartel to silence those who might criticize government officials or disrupt its undemocratic agenda.

The editorial board of The Journal criticized the Biden administration for what they see as “regulatory harassment” directed at Musk, whose diverse array of businesses includes X, the electric car manufacturer Tesla, the space exploration company SpaceX, the neural implant tech firm Neuralink, and the tunnel construction venture known as the Boring Company.

“The Tesla CEO faces a remarkable number of government probes,” the Journal wrote Friday.

Musk has been increasingly outspoken pushing back against a Biden administration that has become increasingly hostile to Americans’ free speech rights.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk in March lit up President Biden, following a tweet boasting about the strides he made in his fight against climate change.

“In my first year in office, we protected more lands and waters than any president since John F. Kennedy,” Biden tweeted. “We’ve also made the largest investment to fight climate change – ever. Today, we’re building on that momentum by protecting additional natural wonders.”

Musk fired back at Biden’s climate change post. “@POTUS umm…the banks are melting,” he pointed out.

Propaganda has been an aspect of politics since the beginning of history. The government has been the primary and most damaging source of misinformation throughout history, as pointed out by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

“Do you know who is the greatest propagator of disinformation in the history of the world?” he asked at a Senate hearing. “U.S. government.”

In a 2023 Gallup survey, half of Americans said they believe national news organizations intend to mislead, misinform or persuade the public to adopt a particular point of view through their reporting.

This state of affairs has arisen due to independent news agencies and social media critics pointing out the numerous flaws in government narratives, which was traditionally the role that the legacy news media was meant to play in America.

The Americans have ample reason to distrust whether or not the legacy media is telling them the truth. Hunter Biden’s laptop was called the result of a Russian disinformation campaign by 51 former Intelligence Community officials, thus leading to the censorship of journalistic outlets like the New York Post on Twitter and other social media platforms. The Hunter Biden laptop was subsequently verified after the 2020 election.

There was also the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, which arose due to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee pointing to a Steele dossier they commissioned to smear a presidential candidate. The Steele dossier was a collection of unsubstantiated rumors and raw intelligence that was uncritically repeated in the U.S. media, which led to legacy outlets awarding journalists Pulitzer Prizes for misleading the public.

There are numerous other examples, such as the “fine people” hoax, which Biden has repeatedly pointed to as evidence that Donald Trump is a “racist,” even though Trump certainly condemned white supremacists after the Charlottesville tragedy. Thus, President Biden is guilty of spreading damaging misinformation. And the legacy media have been complicit in promoting his dishonest narratives on many occasions.

Independent journalists represent a secondary line of defense against a legacy media that is undoubtedly compromised; whether it be through radical ideological indoctrination in the colleges, the desire to maintain professionally beneficial relationships with sources in the U.S. government, or corporate media leadership colluding to push the government’s agenda, or a combination of all three, the American people need outside voices to be a check on this corrupt media complex.

Elon Musk has provided a potent and effective platform for that worthy and laudable project. Progressives believe such free speech platforms are a threat, but they are essential for the American people to hold government accountable.