Michigan Sheriff Dar Leaf has brought forth compelling evidence of “election interference” pertaining to Serbian contractors work for U.S.-based electronic voting machine company Dominion Voting Systems.

The sheriff has uploaded and shared numerous sensitive internal emails pertaining to Dominion Voting Systems and Serbian contractors in the run-up to the 2020 election and its aftermath.

On Sunday, Sheriff Dar Leaf sent the following letter to House of Representatives’ Chairman of the Judiciary Jim Jordan (R-OH).

Dear Congressman Jordan,

My office is investigating criminal acts related to elections in Barry County, the State of Michigan, and the United States. I am in possession of evidence involving voting machines. Additionally, I have recently received a· subpoena from Prosecutor D.J. Hilson of Muskegon County for my file. D.J. Hilson worked with the Michigan Attorney General to bury the Muskegon fraud investigation that was initially reported by the Muskegon local clerk. Not one person was charged related to the Muskegon fraud despite confessions, and physical evidence. Considering this, I am going to provide portions of my file to Congress for immediate review and investigation.

My office has come into possession of evidence that foreign nationals have accessed electronic voting machines in Michigan and other states. This evidence demonstrates that electronic voting machines and electronic election systems used for elections in Michigan and throughout the United States are not secure and an immediate investigation is needed by Congress.

I have evidence in my file of Serbian foreign nationals entering our election system while the votes were being counted, and prior to certification. The election vendor, Dominion, hired these Serbian employees and disclosed in emails that they are not able to provide backgrounds on these individuals due to law in Serbia. It has only been a mere 25 years since conflict involving Serbia. Therefore, the United States has allowed a scenario where potentially Serbian military criminals are running our elections and remotely entering our election equipment.

I am investigating the role that some individuals inside the United States have played in conspiring with these foreign nationals, and who have even directed and instructed them to access and interfere with electronic voting machines and electronic voting systems during past elections, including the November 2020 election. Multiple false assurances from state and federal agencies, and private companies that our elections were secure and not compromised through remote network access or otherwise. Moreover, I have evidence that U.S. Dominion and its affiliates (Dominion) instructed its employees to alter or otherwise falsify the integrity of the software and hardware in its voting machines and systems to attain certification by the Election Assistance Commission (EAC), even when they knew that the systems could not be properly verified and certified. Additionally, I have evidence that the voting machines and systems are vulnerable to alteration and manipulation, i.e., interference, by the use of thumb drives and external devices that can be surreptitiously connected to voting machines before, during, and after elections.

As a result of this information, my office is also investigating conspiracy crimes, wire services fraud, honest services fraud, and perjury charges, among other criminal acts. The perjury charges stems from assurances by Dominion’s CEO during sworn testimony before the Michigan Legislature that its voting machines and voting systems could not be accessed or connected to by outside networks and sources, and that it was a ”US based company.”

As I now have evidence that our election equipment is not secure and because election voting machines prevent transparency, and vendors have more oversight and authority to have them examined than the officials that are charged with the constitutional duty to insure our elections are secure, transparent, and fulfill our promise to each and every American that their votes will count, and will be properly tabulated, and not diluted, deleted or otherwise altered, I am presenting you with this letter and an initial tranche of this evidence so that you will review it, and be compelled to investigate this matter and call those responsible for this breach of our Constitution to give testimony concerning these criminal acts and breach of our national security. These matters impact not only us here in the State of Michigan, but every citizen voter in the country who relies on the Constitution’s promise that each legal registered citizen voter should have one vote, and that vote should correctly reflect his or her will and choice.

As a constitutional officer, my duties are defined by my oath of office, the Constitution, the statutes governing my office, and those powers at common law that were recognized as being attached to my position. In light of this evidence, I am suggesting that every election official consider an emergency back-up plan for upcoming elections to prepare to verify all ballots and voters, and to hand count actual paper ballots at the end of elections to confirm the accuracy of the vote, the voters, and that our election machines are working properly. There is no harm in confirming results to ensure that the will of the people is reflected.

Thank you, in advance, for your prompt attention to this matter. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like additional information concerning my investigation. As it stands, I have no faith in the federal institutions that allowed this garbage in the first place therefore, I am attaching unredacted documents for your review. More importantly, for review by the American people. This should allow for Congress to issue subpoenas in an expedited fashion. I look forward to Congress working for the American people, and quickly addressing these election security problems while I pursue the criminal investigation with sheriffs across the country.

Sheriff Dar Leaf’s letter can be read in full below:

Sheriff Dar Leaf Letter to … by Kyle Becker


Sheriff Dar Leaf has shared many of these emails on X.

In a recently filed lawsuit in the State of Michigan, over 2,000 pages of sensitive emails from top Dominion Voting Systems officials to Serbian contractors was submitted for the court record.

Michigan Dominion Emails by Kyle Becker


Among those showing concern for Serbian contractors exposed as working for Dominion Voting Systems were the CEO John Poulos and the Director of Strategy Eric Coomer.

A Serbian staff member named Goran Obradovic, for example, contacted Dominion CEO John Poulos on November 13, 2020, after the election, for advice on how to calm down contractors who were ‘very scared for their safety.’

The email was sent to “dominion@hamiltonops.com” to the Hamilton team but copied Poulos.

Obradovic also contacted Michael McGee of Dominion Voting Systems over “Problems in Belgrade.”

Interestingly, election integrity expert J. Alex Halderman reached out to Dominion to offer help to ‘dispel’ alleged conspiracy theories about the voting machine company.

There is critical corroboration for the allegation that Dominion Voting Systems had given the Serbian contractors access to the U.S. voting system and to voting data.

As I reported on X, Dominion Voting Systems sent a flurry of emails to Serbian contractors regarding concerns that an account could be potentially hacked.

“Nevena, we are seeing logins from your account in Kosovo, can you confirm this is expected?” Jeremy Holck, Vice President of IT & Security based in Denver, Colorado wrote to Nevena Duric in an email entitled “Nevena Logins from Kosovo.”

“We have two different systems flagging logins from Kosovo, just need to ensure these are really Nevena. If not, I will disable the account,” Holck wrote, according to the email.

There were Dominion-sourced emails that raise serious questions about the access given to Serbian nationals to voting databases across the country, but particularly in California.

“Serbian contractors were working on a California voting test project. But they mention voter files being posted by the California Secretary of State,” I noted.

There is more than ample cause for concern in these emails that Serbian contractors for Dominion Voting Systems had access to U.S. electronic voting machine software and to sensitive voter information.

Congress should investigate these claims to separate substantiated allegations from unsubstantiated so-called “conspiracy theories.”

It should be added that on Monday night, an attorney who helped bring these concerning emails to light, Stefanie Lambert, was suddenly arrested by U.S. Marshals.


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