On Friday night, pro-Palestinian protesters tried to break into New York’s Grand Central Terminal. They broke several windows and got into a fight with police as part of a protest that also saw American flags being torn down and an Israeli flag being burned.

The account Radio Genoa showed the pro-Palestinian protesters swapping out the American flag for a Palestinian one approximately early morning on Veteran’s Day.

X CEO Elon Musk remarked on the video: “Did they just tear down an American flag on Veterans Day in America? Am I understanding this correctly?”

Grand Central Station was also attacked by the pro-Palestinian protesters.

“Hamas supporters in NYC have surrounded Grand Central Station and are attempting to breach the outer doors to reach police officers sheltering inside,” remarked @amuse.

“NYC police standby as Hamas supporters tear down American flags,” he added.

“Hamas celebrating Veterans Day in NYC!” he quipped.

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets on Friday at 5 p.m. to protest the ongoing Israeli military operation in Gaza. This came after an attack by Hamas on southern Israel on October 7 that killed around 1,200 people.

An Associated Press report says that since Israeli troops started their operation, more than 11,000 people have been killed in the area.

Steven Vago, a reporter for the New York Post, shared video on X (formerly Twitter) of a group of protesters trying to get into Grand Central Terminal. Many of them were wearing masks, and one man broke two windows to get in.

Scootercaster wrote on X: “Pro-Palestine Protester seen thrown on the ground in clash with police, he was carried away unconscious. Pro-Palestine protesters marched through NYC Streets, with arrests happening on 43rd and 3rd Avenue in Manhattan.”

A warning from Notify NYC said that Grand Central Terminal was closed for several hours due to the protesting and rioting.

Within Our Lifetime and the City University of New York for Palestine were two groups that supported the protest. They worked together to make an Instagram graphic telling their followers to “flood Manhattan for Gaza.”


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