Christian actor Mark Wahlberg has made a bold move by leaving Hollywood and relocating to Nevada, all in an effort to provide his children with a better quality of life. But his ambitions don’t end there. Wahlberg is now on a mission to transform Nevada into the new Hollywood, and he’s receiving support from other influential figures in the entertainment industry. Together, they are backing a proposal in the Nevada legislature that aims to offer tax credits to attract the film industry.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the venture, Wahlberg stated, “I would love to see us building studios, creating jobs, and diversifying the economy. I’ve already moved my last film here, and I’m preparing to shoot another one in the summertime. The potential for growth and prosperity in Nevada is immense, presenting a wonderful opportunity for everyone involved.”

Wahlberg outlined his ambitious plans for the budding new Hollywood, emphasizing the creation of 10,000 jobs within the studio alone. Furthermore, he stressed the importance of providing training opportunities for individuals both in front of and behind the camera, with a focus on empowering local talent. The average salary within the industry is expected to increase significantly, promising a brighter future for Nevada’s workforce.

Support for the initiative extends beyond Wahlberg, with David O’Reilly, CEO of Howard Hughes Corporation, expressing his belief in the positive impact the film industry can have on the local economy. O’Reilly emphasized the direct correlation between the success of his company and the Nevada economy, highlighting the potential benefits of bringing the film industry to the region. He emphasized, “For a company to earn $190 million in tax credits, they would have to spend $633 million on filming and economic development for the entire valley.”

According to CBS, Wahlberg joined forces with Howard Hughes Corp. CEO David Reilly to emphasize the importance of the proposed bill, which would create thousands of jobs and solidify a long-term commitment to attracting the movie business to Southern Nevada. Wahlberg’s vision is not only centered on job creation but also on nurturing fresh talent and showcasing captivating stories.

Howard Hughes CEO David O’Reilly said: “Our employees and the future of Summerlin are inextricably linked with the Nevada economy.”

“If we can strengthen, diversify and grow by bringing the film industry here, that will benefit all of us,” he added. “That money is only earned if money is spent here.”

“For a company to earn $190 million tax credit they would have to spend $633 million filming and creating economic development for this whole valley,” he added.

Nevada has become the new home for Wahlberg, who now looks back with just one regret, saying, “I just wish I had made the move sooner.”

His decision to leave California and venture into uncharted territory demonstrates his determination to create a vibrant and thriving film industry hub in Nevada.