The failed socialist state of New York has decided that if elected officials can’t do the job of making their voters happy, the next best thing is cracking down on their ability to express their unhappiness.

On Monday, New York’s kooky governor Kathy Hochul came out with the announcement: If you don’t like the job she’s doing in office, then she’s got people watching you in case you should engage in “hate speech”:

Hochul disclosed $75 million for enhanced state security, of which $25 million was designated for security grants and $50 million was allocated to local law enforcement.

She also declared an escalation in surveillance operations aimed at Americans who engage in “hate speech” on social media platforms.

“Also, we’re very focused on the data we’re collecting from surveillance efforts. What’s being said on social media platforms,” Hochul said during the press conference.

“And we have launched an effort to be able to counter some of the negativity and reach out to people when we see hate speech being spoken about on online platforms. Our media analysis, our social media analysis unit, has ramped up its monitoring of sites to catch incitement to violence; direct threats to others, and all this is in response to our desire, our strong commitment, to ensure that not only do New Yorkers be safe, but they also feel safe because personal security is about everything for them,” she added.

She did not say what the is doing with this data and if it will be used inappropriately, such as for monitoring for voting data or exercising the constitutional right to question election results or to mock and satirize public officials like herself.

A federal jury recently convicted Mackey for conspiring to deprive people of their right to vote over a meme he posted during the 2016 election in April. Mackey, who went by @RickyVaughn99 on Twitter, received a seven-month prison sentence Oct. 18.

Recently, Douglass Mackey spoke with Tucker Carlson prior to the start of his prison sentence over posting memes in an episode released Thursday.

“The First Amendment is done,” Carlson, a co-founder of the Daily Caller and Daily Caller News Foundation, posted on X.

“If someone had even told you even ten years ago that you could be indicted by the federal government and go to prison for ten years for making fun of Hillary Clinton on social media, you would not have believed it,” Carlson said before interviewing Mackey. “It’s a free country. We have free speech.”

Interestingly, while Mackey was convicted for depriving Americans of the right to vote, the federal government could not find one voter who was harmed by the meme. That is because the number posted on the meme wasn’t a working number.

New York’s emphasis on monitoring social media platforms for “hate speech” is a dubious justification, in part because it is subjective. Many conservative Americans face hateful speech online, but are legally unable to file claims against anyone. Instead, the Democratic Party has invented laws to protect its client groups under the rubric of “social justice.” This is not the same thing as equal justice under the law.

New York’s Ministry of Truth should meet the same fate as the Department of Homeland Security’s attempt to establish one under the Biden regime.

“So New York is creating a Ministry of Truth to clamp down on opinions that are deemed unacceptable by the regime. Is it gonna be run by Nina Jankowicz and Yoel Roth?” Chana Raiyak, the mastermind behind LibsofTikTok, posted on X.

Every American should question any excuse trotted out by these lawless, corrupt, and tyrannical officials to justify surveillance and censorship. The best protection is our Constitutional rights, but these public officials no longer seem to care.


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