Congressman Jim Jordan has announced his endorsement of Congressman Patrick McHenry as a candidate for the position of Temporary Speaker of the House.

Additionally, Jordan has confirmed his commitment to maintaining his current role as Speaker Designee.

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan has expressed his endorsement for Speaker pro Tempore Patrick McHenry to assume the role of interim Speaker of the House until January, following two unsuccessful attempts to get the required 217 votes.

According to an anonymous source cited by the Daily Caller, Jordan intends to persist in his efforts to get support until the specified time. The individual in question retains the designation of speaker. I am not discontinuing my education. I will be residing in McHenry till the month of January on a temporary basis.

Jordan’s next announcement will declare his decision to forego a third vote for Speaker, as originally intended, and express his support for the proposal to temporarily empower McHenry until January 3rd. Jordan will continue to hold the position of designated speaker.

Following the second round of voting, Jordan fell short of the required 217 votes needed to secure the speakership. The concluding quorum call indicated that the House of Representatives had an attendance of 432 individuals, signifying that a majority threshold of 217 members is required for decision-making, unless members opted to vote “present” during the roll call vote for the speaker.

On Wednesday, Jordan’s bid to assume the position of Speaker of the House was unsuccessful in the second round of voting due to insufficient votes.

On Tuesday, Jordan experienced defeat in the initial round for the position of speaker, when 20 Republicans cast their votes against him.

According to conservative donors who spoke with the Daily Caller on Monday evening, they have expressed their intention to refrain from providing financial support to Republican House members who decline to endorse Jordan for the position of speaker.

The House Republicans will have a meeting to deliberate on potential courses of action regarding the selection of a Speaker.