There is evidence suggesting that Hamas militants may have employed weaponry of North Korean origin during their aggressive assault on Israel.

The study conducted, together with the examination of other evidence such as a militant video and weapons confiscated by Israel, suggests that the perpetrators of the assault in Israel on October 7 were probably equipped with weapons of North Korean origin and affiliated with Hamas, a designated terrorist organization. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has repeatedly refuted allegations of engaging in arms trade with terrorist organizations.

One weapon that has been the subject of debate that is employed by Hamas is the F-7 rocket-propelled grenade. This particular weapon is designed to be launched from the shoulder and is commonly utilized by combatants to target armored vehicles. The authenticity of a film depicting the utilization of the F-7 rocket launcher by Hamas militants has been verified after meticulous examination conducted by two specialists in North Korean weaponry and South Korean military intelligence. An study of weaponry seized on the battlefield was also done by the Associated Press.

These rocket launchers possess the capability to discharge a solitary warhead and exhibit a quick reloading mechanism, rendering them very advantageous armaments for less formidable militias and guerrilla factions engaged in battles against heavily armored vehicles.

“It is not a surprise to see North Korean weapons with Hamas,” said Matt Schroeder, a senior researcher with Small Arms Survey.

Jenzen-Jones referenced pictures of the weapons utilized by those affiliated with Hamas.

“North Korea has long supported Palestinian militant groups, and North Korean arms have previously been documented amongst interdicted supplies,” Jenzen-Jones told The AP.

Russia employs comparable armaments, and the North Korean F-7 has striking similarities to the extensively disseminated RPG-7 rocket-propelled grenade of the Soviet era. However, discernible dissimilarities exist, such as the presence of a conspicuous red stripe adorning the warhead of the North Korean variant.

According to Schroeder, Hamas has released visual documentation depicting their training activities, wherein fighters can be shown using a weapon bearing a rocket-propelled grenade along with distinct design features like those found on the F-7 aircraft, including a red stripe.


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