Whether it was something in the air or just Creepy Joe’s ‘sick sense,’ the lecherous Commander-in-Least could not resist the sight of a little girl in a crowd gathered to watch him shuffle off for another weekend getaway at Camp David.

While revoltin’ Joe was meandering along a pre-ordained path to his Marine One chopper, the tiny tot was caught in the corner of his dimming eye.

“Biden, heading to Camp David for the weekend, gets distracted by the staged crowd — then shows off his VIGOR by shuffle-jogging over,” RNC Research noted.

The rest is presidential history. Or at least, part of President Biden’s disturbing track record.

That’s because Biden is apparently unconcerned about presidential decorum or allegations of improper behavior made in his daughter Ashley Biden’s diary.

In an extended clip, Joe Biden could be seen speaking with reporters before stopping to talk with and touch the little girls.

When dealing with youngsters on television, the president has a history of notorious reactions.

At the end of his address at a “Friendsgiving dinner” with service members during the Thanksgiving holiday, President Joe Biden singled out a 6-year-old girl, saying he “loved her ears.”

“And I love your ears, I love them, they’re really cool. What’s your name?” Biden asked.

The girl looked down and then replied, “Catherine.”

“What a beautiful name. That’s my mommy’s name…how old are you? Seventeen?” the president asked.

Before the girl could react, a guy at the table stated that she was six years old.

The president then turned his attention to the youngster, taunting him by asking whether he was 15, to which the toddler replied, “four.”

“Four? You’re a pretty big guy. Well, I’ll tell you what, be nice to your sister. You’re going to need her someday, at least I did,” Biden stated.

As reported by Fox News in July, Biden was caught on camera nibbling on a tiny Finnish girl’s shoulder on his way out of Helsinki earlier this year.

“Joe Biden’s dementia has gotten so bad that he’s now confusing babies with ice cream cones,” remarked independent journalist Greg Price.

God help America if we’re subjected to another four years of this.


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