Radical activist and one-time Obama “green jobs czar” Van Jones now thinks it’s time for Biden to consider hanging it up and calling it a career.

While on CNN, where Jones is a political commentator, he made it clear that the beleaguered U.S. president should think about stepping aside for the good of the country.

“Well, right now, he’s swimming in oatmeal,” Jones said. “It’s tough, because [if] you look at the economy, the numbers are pointing in the right direction overall. He should be doing well with his base … if he were to retire right now, he’d be on Mount Rushmore in terms of what he’s been able to do–”

“So should he?” host Phil Mattingly interjected.

“I would argue that it’s time for him to look at that, looking at these numbers. People say, ‘Well, you know, Obama was down.’ Joe Biden is not Obama. Obama … still had the legs, he had the charisma. Biden is not there. So, look, you’re going to watch the debate tomorrow — the debate tomorrow is really for who is going to maybe be a leader in the Republican Party in four years, or who’s going to be the vice president,” Jones continued.

“It’s important, these people are important. I am proud to see that there’s three people of color on that stage. That’s a historic moment we shouldn’t miss tomorrow night. But none of these guys are going to catch Donald Trump. So, you’re looking at Donald Trump versus Biden, and the Biden coalition is tired. It’s uninspired. And people are scared, and there’s no point pretending that’s not true or having people from the Biden camp yell at us for pointing out the truth. That’s the reality right now.”

A New York Times/Siena College poll released on Sunday found former President Donald Trump leading Biden comfortably in five out of six key swing states. Biden held a slight edge within the margin of error over Trump in Wisconsin.

It all spells trouble for the Democratic Party’s chances to keep the White House in 2024. The left’s usual mouthpieces are signaling that Biden’s time is up, and that it will be time for the party to move on to a surprise candidate ahead of the primary season.

Who that surprise candidate would be is anybody’s guess.


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