There’s trouble in Fulton County, Georgia as two high-powered criminal defense attorneys have suddenly filed a motion to withdraw from a 2020 election case.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Donald F. Samuel and Amanda R. Clark Palmer have motioned to withdraw themselves from the Favorito v. Wan case, according to the motion.

Rasmussen speculated that the lawyers reportedly motioning to withdraw may have something to do with “missing” mail ballots.

“These 150,000 still secret 2020 unfolded mail ballots with the perfect ovals protected by court order for 3 years may have gone missing, and the county’s lawyers have just quit,” Rasmussen posted on X.

It is not clear why the lawyers are withdrawing from the case. Becker News has reached out to the law firm Garland, Samuel and Loeb for comment and will update accordingly.

Human Events, however, had earlier reported on the 147,000 mail-in ballots controversy:

Fulton County poll manager Suzi Voyles was sorting through a large stack of mail-in ballots last November when she noticed something odd: several ballots marked for Joe Biden were extremely similar. 

One after another, the votes contained perfectly filled ovals for Biden. What’s more, each of the bubbles boasted an identical white void inside them in the shape of a tiny crescent, indicating they’d been marked with toner ink instead of a pen or pencil, per the Epoch Times

Voyles also noticed that all of the ballots were printed on different paper than the others she’d counted and none were folded or creased, which is standard for mail-in ballots as they come from envelopes. 

“All of them were strangely pristine,” Voyles said. She noted that she’d never seen anything like it in her 20 years monitoring elections in Fulton County. 

All but three of the 110 ballots in the stack – which had been labeled “State Farm Arena” – were marked for Biden and appeared to be “identical ballots.”

After Voyles came forward, she was fired as a poll manager by the Fulton County Department of Elections. 

“I got the boot for speaking the truth,” she said. 

At least three other poll workers observed the same thing. 

These election watchdogs have used their sworn affidavits to help convince a state judge to unseal all of the 147,000 mail-in ballots in Fulton and allow for a closer inspection. They argue that potentially tens of thousands may have been manufactured in a race that Biden won by just 12,000 votes. 

An election integrity organization has reported that original images of ballots from the November 2020 election have not been available from seventy-four counties in Georgia.

VoterGA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring election integrity, has obtained certification from 56 counties via Open Records Requests (ORRs) that the state’s voting machine system automatically generated either the majority or all of the images used for result tabulation.

Voter images are essential for election records and must be preserved for a period of 22 months in the federal government and 24 months in the state government, per their respective statutes.

“We have what is almost surely major absentee-ballot fraud in Fulton County involving 10,000 to 20,000 probably false ballots,” claimed Garland Favorito, the lead petitioner in the case and a certified poll watcher.

“We have confirmed that there are five pallets of shrink-wrapped ballots in a county warehouse,” he said.

In addition, there are massive chain-of-custody issues in Georgia related to ballot images.

Seventy-four of Georgia’s counties have not been able to produce original images of ballots from the November 2020 election, according to VoterGA, an election integrity nonprofit organization.

The group received confirmation through Open Records Requests (ORRs) from 56 counties that either most or all of the images that the voting machine system automatically created for tabulating results have been destroyed.

“At least 28 counties admitted having no original images at all and 22 of those counties only had recount images that some claimed are the same as originals,” as reported by non-profit group VoterGA.

The Associated Press did not deny the substance of the reports in a “fact check,” but merely rejected the narrative that the missing ballot images “proved” voter fraud.

They may not “prove” voter fraud, but they do prove an election where voters have ample cause not to trust the results.

Georgia voters, and the American public, need to be able to trust that election officials are doing due diligence to secure elections and providing all voters with transparency.

Transparency has been slow in forthcoming when it comes to the 2020 election. Getting to the bottom of what happened in Georgia during that election would be a significant start.


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