If re-elected as President of the United states, Donald Trump is reportedly planning large-scale detention camps and sweeping immigration policies.

Trump is planning a major crackdown on illegal immigration, which may include apprehending unauthorized migrants and keeping them in large detention facilities until their expulsion from the nation.

According to many advisers who spoke to The New York Times, the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024 plans to deport millions of people annually.

In addition to deporting people who have been in the US illegally for decades, the plan would target the almost 4 million migrants who have entered the nation since President Biden took office in 2021.

According to the left-wing outlet, Trump’s ambitious immigration crackdown would revive certain rules he had put in place while in office, such a ban on immigration from certain nations with a preponderance of Muslims, and implement new measures that would expedite the deportation process.

According to the sources, the 77-year-old former commander-in-chief would assist US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in apprehending illegal immigrants by assigning local police and National Guard soldiers that have been offered by Republican-run states.

The migrants would then be sent to Mega-MAGA detention camps that would be constructed in order to relieve the overcrowding in the ICE facilities that Trump plans to staff to capacity.

As he did with his border wall during his first term, Trump would reroute Pentagon funding if Congress refused to authorize the enormous project.

The Biden-Harris campaign blasted the proposed immigration proposals as “extreme, racist, cruel policies” that are “meant to stoke fear and divide us, betting a scared nation is how he wins this election.”

Trump pledged last month to impose a ban on unauthorized immigrants entering the US “from terror-plagued countries” if he is re-elected, fulfilling his repeated promises to address the situation at the southern border.

At a rally in Clive, Iowa, Trump said, “If you’re coming from somewhere full of people who want to kill Americans, we will not let you in,” Trump said during a speech in Clive, Iowa.

“We aren’t bringing in anyone from Gaza or Syria or Somalia, Yemen, or Libya, or anywhere else that threatens our security,” he pledged.

Trump has previously advocated for harsh deportations of undocumented immigrants who have “jihadist sympathies” as well as “strong ideological screening of all immigrants.”

As ISIS flags have returned amid Palestinian flags and America’s campuses are overflowing with antisemitic immigrants, Donald Trump is touching on a hot-button issue that could bridge the ideological divide.

Numerous Democrats have spoken out about illegal immigration in recent years; whether it’s Chicago residents bridling at migrant shelters or New York City Mayor Eric Adams telling illegal aliens they are no longer welcome in the one-time ‘sanctuary city,’ the immigration issue has reached a tipping point.

The Democratic Party is no longer able to gaslight Americans into believing that illegal immigration is for the nation’s greater good. It is tearing the national fabric and eroding the democratic values and freedoms the country was founded on.


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