California Governor and presumptive presidential candidate Gavin Newsom found himself ratioed mercilessly after his controversial social media post claiming that a Tennessee city had “banned being gay in public.”

Newsom, posing as a civil rights defender, blasted out an obscure story from the New Republic that left many readers scratching their heads.

“A city in Tennessee has banned being gay in public,” Newsom claimed.

“This is just the beginning. We have to call this out,” he added, ominously.

The New Republic story provides details that strike a bewildering juxtaposition to the startling claim a city has banned being “gay” in public.

Murfreesboro passed an ordinance in June banning “indecent behavior,” including “indecent exposure, public indecency, lewd behavior, nudity or sexual conduct.” As journalist Erin Reed first reported, this ordinance specifically mentions Section 21-72 of the city code. The city code states that sexual conduct includes homosexuality.

Anyone who violates the new ordinance is barred from hosting public events or selling goods and services at public events for two years. Anyone who violates the ordinance “in the presence of minors” is barred for five years.

If we are to understand this right, being “gay in public” now means indecent behavior, such as public nudity or sexually performative acts in front of or with children in public.

That’s quite some ‘heroic’ contribution to the LBTQIA+ cause there. Way to make every homosexual look like a sexual deviant who has to groom children to be “gay in public.”

Since gay people are treated like little more than faceless political pawns for Democratic opportunists like Newsom, it is apparently of little consequence to them if law-abiding, respectful homosexuals are conflated with child-groomers and perverts.

That’s “intersectionality.” All victim groups are interchangeable to neomarxist Democrats, because they are all just means to their political ends.

If you respect people as individuals, you don’t conflate laws protecting children from sexual grooming with “being gay in public.” It’s a huge red flag, unlike Newsom’s foreboding missive about a purported infringement of gay people’s civil liberties.

So, what is this actually the beginning of? The beginning of Newsom’s hoax campaign in anticipation for a “surprise” presidential run, according to pundit Scott Adams.

“This story is a hoax, but selling hoaxes to America is a requirement for being a Democrat running for president,” Adams said, sardonically.  “If this goes well, he can work up to something bigger, like the Fine People Hoax and the Drinking Bleach Hoax.”

But Newsom obviously wants to start slow and warm up to the really big league hoaxes.

His X post was ratioed endlessly.

“Tennessee: You can’t have sex in public Gavin Newsom: OH SO YOU CANT BE GAY WOW,” Redhead Libertarian quipped.

“LOL ‘being gay in public,” added Alex. “You mean they cant get naked and twerk in the streets.”

“The law bans indecent exposure, lewd behavior, and nudity in front of minors,” Kevin Dalton pointed out. “Nowhere in the ordinance does it even mention sexual preference. Gavin why do you believe prohibiting indecent exposure, lewd behavior, and nudity in front of minors is ‘banning gay people in public’?”

“This is a flat out lie,” a user remarked. “It banned adults sexualizing children.”

The public ordinance notes that the word “homosexuality” was deleted from the code just to make it perfectly clear that the intention of the bill is to prevent sexual targeting of children.

At the end of the day, Newsom’s social media post spreads ‘harmful misinformation.’ It is no different than the “Don’t Say Gay” hoax that was run to attack Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

But it is worse than that, because the misleading social media post defames gay people by conflating them with child sex predators. It furthers harmful stereotypes about the LGBTQIA+ community by implying that it is filled with sexual deviants.

The biased story also perpetuates a false narrative that gay people are under assault in America, when the truth is that they have as many civil rights as anyone else.

This story is needlessly provoking hysteria to distract from the governor’s numerous problems running the state of California. It is baseless ‘rage bait.’

In other words, it is perfect for a Democratic politician trying to be President of the United States.


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