Joe Brown is well-known for being a no-nonsense jurist and TV personality, best remembered for his role in the courtroom show “Judge Joe Brown.”

Brown recently demonstrated his no-nonsense mentality during a guest appearance on the PBD podcast.


“I’m an independent now. I can’t stand the Democratic Party. Really,” he said.

“What happened? What caused you to change?” he was asked.

“They decided to be anti-family and anti-man, and I don’t buy into that,” Brown added.

“Has it always been like that?” he was asked.

“No, it wasn’t,” Brown commented. “Something happened. They kind of got stuck over there in that far left corner someplace and they forgot about the working people in this country.”

“When do you think that happened, judge? Because you ran as a Democrat. Now you’re…”

“It bothers me. Somewhere in the last 55 years, what’s happened is the country has switched over into glorifying what I call dysfunction,” he went on. “And at some point it’s just enough is enough. You’ve got a thing right now where they’re trying to groom children in school. They’re trying to install a secular religion as the official religion of the country. People don’t have any cause, any purpose anymore, so they want to give them one.”

“But in this one it says you have no duty on or obligation, responsibility, accountability, be what the hell you want to be,” he added.” Just get your freak on and there you go. But that’s not sufficient to keep people working.”

Words of wisdom, right there. Too bad the Woke Democratic Party won’t pay any attention to it.

Joe Brown not only ran for district attorney in 2014 as a Democrat, but he also participated in the TV special “31st NAACP Image Awards” in 2000.


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